Easy Like Sunday Morning


I have some huge updates for you guys which you will be able to find in my post grad life section. Anyways before you go and read that.Id highly suggest reading further.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to New Orleans with some of my friends.As always Im going to give you the breakdown of how much everything was as well as how to cut costs,because I learned VERY quickly how expensive New Orleans was.


You guys already no I am a huge fan or AirbNbing and this was no different.We rented an AirBnB in the New Marigny section of New Orleans which was about a 25 minute walk to the french quarter and a 5 minute Uber ride.Our house was a shot gun style,essentially like a ranch style but going vertically.It had two bedrooms,one bath,kitchen,dining room and a ‘dressing room’.There were 2 guys on the trip in addition to me and my other friend.My friend and I shared a bed,while the guys had their own room with two beds in the back. Our place was 699 USD divided by 4 people for 5 days was about 175 per person which is steal for a whole house.Look at pics below to see what I am talking about.The neighbors were great as was the neighborhood.Quick little shops were near by to grab a bite to each which Ill discuss later ;). 


I booked my flight in February so it was way cheaper than my counterparts.The flight for me through my airport was 217 which I thought was great for the five days in which we were gonna be there.My friends was 200 while the guys booked a little later in march so theirs ended up being around 300. I flew united which was great and had no problems.On the way back it was through american airlines which was equally great.Also AA has the best app for travel that I’ve found.Very user friendly.


When you go to New Orleans not only are you going for the culture but you’re especially going for the food.There are so many things to try so if you had a graduation dress to fit into like I did,this would not be the best time to book your trip.However I balanced out all the gluttony as we walked A L O T.I came back and hadn’t gained a single pound and rejoiced from the heavens. Enough of about me tryna get snatched.Here are some of the places we ate as per our hosts recommendations as well as yelp and some local faves.

Genes Po’Boys:We came here the night we landed as per our AirbNb host recommendations.Po Boy prices are at about 10 dollars but they’re a foot long so not that bad. Slightly saltier than I expected.This place is more of  takeout establishment as they only have 2 tables -_-. Apparently Beyonce and JayZ visited here so of course do as the queen bey does. #iaintsorry

St. Roch Market: This place had limited groceries but it was a food market for various foods.Each station had a different intercontinental delicacy.Such as Haitian food,breakfast station (all day) Hispanic food bakery station.Best part is they open up at 7 am so in case youre looking for something during your morning walk,they’re ready to go.

Cafe Du MondeGo for the beignets and then get some on the plane home because they really are JUST.THAT.GOOD. As always this place only accepts cash so make sure to bring cash.I learned this the hard way on the final day of my trip.

Stanleys:AMAZING food.We went for brunch and the food was great.I  got the bananas foster french toast which was delectable.Keep in mind the DO NOT take separate checks.So have your funds ready

Acme Oyster House:Great gumbo and jamabalaya usually a line but the 20 minutish wait goes by fast.If its earlier in the day its about a 10 minute wait.

Spuddys:This is about an hr outside of NoLA close to the plantation we visited.The food is great and they have a great selection with fairly reasonable prices.

PopeyesUrban legend is the popeyes in NoLA tastes better than any other Popeyes. Found out that it is good.However not gonna say it is the best.

Capt Sals Seafood and Chicken: Willie Maes is a popular spot for the chicken,in case you are not about the line,this is a great alternative.The place is in what most would consider hood spot.But hood spots are the best spots.Their portions are huge and its a great place to get crawfish as well.Never fear Capt Sal’s is hear. Their crawfish is around 2.50 a pound a great alternative to the 12.00 a pound in the french market.


Jackson Sq Cathedral

Bourbon Street

French Market

Evergreen Plantation

NOLA art musuem(Sculpture garden is great)

Louis Armstrong Park-I went here on the last day and was pleasantly surprised

Ferry across the water.2 dollars each way and its a quick ride

Cemetery tour or free walking tour


PLEASE DON’T Buy souvenirs at the airport (practice what I’m preaching in EVERY place you visit)

Dont just rely on cards.Bring an AMPLE amount of cash.Most places there only take cash as much as it hurts my debit card loving soul.

Magazine street at night is basura

Wear sandals.The land is flat however the sewage system in Nola is poor.Heads up that isn’t water on the ground.

Most of all NoLA was great and I cannot wait to go back!

Until Next Time…lets see where my travels take me next…perhaps sooner rather than later.

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