The Land of Smiles

Long time no blog?I shouldve came up with a better intro.But wash pawpin! Im here to give you all the deets about my recent trip to the land of smiles (Thailand).Did you know this country was the number one most visited destination in 2016?I had to see what all the hype was about.As I followed my peers on the gram, I saw they were in my soon to be locale and I was getting excited with each double tap. Also before I start,I’d like to say so so so much happened during this trip,this blogpost doesnt even encompass it.I know yall here for the fly pics.Lets get this show on the road.

One may wonder,how did you stumble upon this country as the start of your 2017 travel year.WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL,I have a friend teaching english in geoje south Korea (hey afua) and it initially started as a way to see her as well as visit a new place.However through the powers that be she wasn’t able to come,but we had bought our ticket anyway so lets get it on (cue marving gaye). We bought our ticket he day after the apocalypse (election day) and surprisingly the once 800$ ticket had fallen to 600$ and who am I to test fate? We bought it and started planning. I was initially going to go to bali for the weekend during those two weeks,but that shall be saved for a later date.

Now lets get on to planning,where were we going to go?Our route was as follows 4 days each in bangkok,chiang mai and phuket.We were specifically going for Songkran (thai new year),you know sprinkle a little black girl magic around the country.

We landed at BKK at about 11:40 pm Sunday april 2nd,after a 21 hr grueling plane ride from IAD-NRT-BKK. Keep up with these airport names,the wannabe flight attendant in me studied airport titles when I was applying.


Now back to the important things.After going through customs,with the curious eyes of japanese and thai people glancing at my colorful hair and dark skin,we made it into the humid city of bangkok. We were tired and fighting sleep.So we decided best bet after getting out at 1 am,our place should probably be near the airport.Cue the lovely people at airbnb. We booked a condo through them,which was 30$ a night.Super cute place with a pool,for some reason a must have on my list regardless of the place we were staying.The owners name was cherry and her lovely business partner manny picked us up graciously at 1 am.I preferred this option,because landing in a different country in the middle of the night then hopping in a cab without data on your phone may not seem like the smartest option.We woke up and were ready to move onward.Below is our first AirBnB,we loved it because it was close AND it had the crucial millennial necessity: WIFI.

We tried to find a local breakfast place but apparently a lot of places don’t open until 11 am.So I had a honey mustard and chicken sandwich,reminiscent of a meal deal in college to appease my hunger.Was it the meal of all meals i was hoping for?No,but it did the job.After my menial breakfast a walk over to La Krabang Paseo,immersed me in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok. They had a mcdonalds!

For the culture i had to see what it was about,we did not eat there but for some reason I feel like their mcflurry machine probably worked.

img_0220                                        img_0223
                                                                                            ^also they have pringles in a bag.Can                                                                                                 we get this.Because i have smallish                                                                                                   hands and trying to get into that tin                                                                                                   is a no.

That mall had all the things….but we would later find out not as many things as MBK. After a quick lunch of squid and chicken,because my sandwich earlier was abysmal,we went over to our second location! img_0239

We stayed at the yard hostel!I had heard terrible things about hostels.But this hostel exceeded any expectation of any place.Hidden in Bangkok close to Ari station,this location is the prime place for any individual looking for a relaxing good time.The hostel is made out of shipping containers.Look at the love below. img_0271img_0274img_0435img_0451img_0281

The place was serene and beautiful and most of all clean!Such helpful people and the pictures on the website are exactly what the place looks like.I would suggest it to anyone and thanks to my friend Sade for recommending it! It really helped that it was lowish season so a normal 4 person hostel was occupied by Chidi and I for the 3 of the 4 days we were there.Look at what God can do. After starving for two days (with fault of our own) curse you jet lag!

Our first trip for the day was going to the infamous Grand Palace.I believe that’s where the late king lived. A nice person who was staying at the hostel had told us to make sure to take the 15 baht ferry as the other one is 100 baht and they would try to jip is.And lo and behold that what happened. Check out the pictures after the jump to see how it was. We got there at about 11 am.I would like to say, although i look suave in my picture,please don’t be fooled.Sweat was pooling down my back because of the humidity and the other hundreds of people visiting that day.Also the 500 baht price tag (15 USD) to visit was not expensive,but didn’t warrant the visit unless you go early. Listen to trip advisor and go as early as humanely possible.

^ok so everyone wears these elephants and i have a beef because you wont wear them otherwise.Ok now back to you readers….


^the view from the ferry!

We upped and at em and hit up La Lao.Please look at my pad Thai below.If I didn’t come for anything in this country I came for the pad Thai. Was it the best I’ve had?Not by any means,but still pretty good.

The next day we went to the infamous MBK mall! We took the skytrain (DC metro take notes).The skytrain was clean and pretty straight forward check it out……..img_0355img_0357

^also they have these gates that are about 5 feet high so no one can ever be pushed on to the tracks! i thinks its a smart idea and would prevent a lot of deaths. if here is anything on this earth that you want, it is at this mall. The gag is all the HM shirts you spend 50$ on is at this mall for 4$. I was shooketh. What was supposed to be a quick hour trip,turned into a 6 hour trip perusing all 7 levels of the mall.Whew Lord. And if you go bargain! Don’t take the first price.Do a Joanne the scammer bait and switch if you need to. I bought all the things.They gone shade you if you try to buy clothes and you ain’t a size 4 though.Cause their clothes are made for barbie dolls. That’s another story for another day.On to the pics below.The excitement of shopping in a place so cheap was>. Girluhhh what you want???They got it. Longchamp,north face,Nike on DECKINGTON

^i want everyone to know that the shoes up there are fake.But they look like damn good fakes dont they!

After this exciting endeavor it was time for lunch!Thai fried rice,when i tell you i was here to try as much fried rice and pad Thai that they had, I’m not kidding.

Afterwards we headed over to the Bangkok Art and Culture center.

Can we get into these photos of me,because look. I’m photogenic af.

After our long day of shopping we come back to find what?Our beautiful hostel that we had gotten used,was now fully occupied with two other people!Two wonderful sisters from Luxembourg,they spoke 4 languages (made my two like like child’s play). We ended up going to khao san road that night.Think bourbon street in NoLA and miami beach but on steroids. Lots of lights,scorpions on a stick and crepes. Ill let the pictures do the talking.

img_0464this is little Som! the lovely owner of the hostel
No onward bound to chiang mai! So we took an overnight train.I was worried as everyone we spoke to,looked at us with worry in their eyes as they did not understand.

Apparently the train has a reputation for not being the best.Me and my not looking at reviews self,looked solely on the 12go website (where I booked the tickets at 25$ a piece) so I didn’t see the problem.However if I had looked at trip advisor like chidi had,we would be flying.But you know adventures and all that.after risking our lives crossing the street to get our tickets,turns out the best way was to go underground through the metro.Thanks to the nice German owner who hipped us to walk underground to the metro instead of sprinting across like this was Accra and Lagos. img_0471

So after getting our tickets and getting stared at (this was the norm because black and braids) we hopped on to the train in which we had very very very low expectations.BUT YALL! THIS TRAIN WAZ PAWPIN. Amtrak eat your heart out. After being loud as hell,the train attendant not so subtlety told us that the dining car had WiFi 🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️ its lit!They had food too…but we were there for the WiFi.


Met this nice English fellow who asked us about trump and told us good luck in America. Also can I advise Americans ,going across the pond after the election,the country is not looked at favorably. Can’t relate.

13 hours later we were in chiang mai after a whirlwind 4 days in bangkok. We took a shady car to V Lodge and the owner was so so nice.The hospitality in this country is unmatched.After this, I’m going to be as nice as possible to every tourist.The niceness I met in this country I’m going to try to pass it on to others. So v Lodge provided breakfast every morning. What you want?They legit got it!

We went out to tikky cafe for linder and it was>Lets get into this meal. Because this was amazing. Im going to try to remember what we ordered and do it justice.The food was so so good.Yes im serving face, model companies,hit me in my DMs for bookings.

from the top we have chicken and broccoli i think,panang curry and the two 🍹 in the middle are ginger pineapple and mint.The bottom two dishes are drunken noodles and cashew chicken! 

After we got our nails at ‘two beautiful nail’ and can you imagine this amazing gel mani was 6USD? The equivalent for that is 250 baht.I rarely get my nails done professionally so this was a treat for me.

And now we got the infamous thai massage. Plottwist!It was at a massage center where people who are blind did the massages.When one of your senses is gone,your other sense gets stronger,so this was the case for their hands.Super dope,that they could still gain their independence this way.

The evening ends and we go to a bar?Was it a bar?Maybe a lounge,sort of like a happy hour but at 10 pm 🤔. Every friday night at a particular bar in chiang mai,they have a hip hop and fries night.Literally it is what you think.Hip hop and fries.As the guests of honor,being two black girls in a hip hop joint we were waited on hand and foot.HA!Got you there,didn’t I? We weren’t the guests of honor,but we were all the rage as they asked us if we could show em how to twerk.Jokes on them cause we can’t.

After the excitement of the twerkfest,we woke up the next day ready to concur. We had a cooking class at the thai orchid cookery school. A great time was had and we met some friends!When we were at the NRT (tokyo airport) we met these two girls who were following similar roots to us and we mentioned some of the activities we were doing. Turns out they took our advice and we saw them at the cooking school.

We put our master chef hats on and showed them what Baltimore/HoCo’s finest (me) and PG’s finest (Chidi) could do. Will i be opening a restaurant soon?No.But my spring rolls??? Cant touch this. Just check out the pics of the food.Yes it tasted amazing.

yes i made this pad thai!


img_0539the two curries in the middle are green curry and panang curry 🍛 

A hot and humid day,led us to one of chiang mais temples.The name has escaped me at this moment but it was beautiful and they had a market.Who am I to not boost some of Thailand’s economy by buying some stuff.


A whirlwind day led us to the elephant jungle sanctuary. Elephants are huge draw of the country and often times,people pick tours where the ride the animals. I’m not the first to be at the front lines of animal activism,but they’re such beautiful creatures.I heavily suggest considering to go to a place where you learn about them.We fed them bananas,washed them with mud and bathed them.Also don’t let these pictures fool you!I was shooketh the entire time.


Ok so these pics above and below you……………………you can see the fear in my face.

The elephants EXHAUSTED us!Like tiredt. We ate of course and decided why not hit up a rooftop bar.Can we get into these pics of me again????Props to chidi for being the photographer.Not as great as me,but she was aiit.


We got another massage where sukit? Link pending. Watch as this woman topsy turvys me into a pretzel.Was i relaxed………….we will use that word very very loosley.


And now off to phuket!Where our AMAZING hotel at baan suawantae was 30$ a night.Whats the four seasons when you’ve got this place.Id like to point out,its an apartment and a hotel.If it wasn’t for my work obligation,i’d seriously consider taking a month there.

So now here’s where it gets strange……remember the glances i mentioned at the airport?So that happened throughout the entire trip……but in phuket it was even more so. We went to a restaurant where I wont even begin to give them any publicity.But they treated us terribly.Poor food and even poorer service.Id like to point out they didn’t extend this courtesy to the rest of the patrons.Every time we tried to order the waitress disappeared.There goes your tip.The food in phuket compared to the other amazing places we ate was abysmal.


Above are pictures of the limelight mall,which our hotel was across from.As well as the architecture of phuket!

I think we were the talk of the town as we got even more strangers wanting to take pictures with us.Ill take it in stride however. There goes the videos to prove it.Im sure we were on many snapchat’s and facebook’s.

Now we are near the end of our trip! We went over to patong,for the main reason why we came!The thai new year.This is how our day/night went.We were doused in water wherever we went.My hives were unamused. Check out the pics!

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  1. I would love to visit Thailand one day! Just reading your blog makes me excited. How much money did you spend on this trip?


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